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Aktual Features Outlawz On “Tape 6” Intro [Listen Here]

Outlawz members E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble join Aktual as they kick start “Tape 6” with a feature on the intro.

Although back in August Aktual speaking to O4L Online revealed “Tape 6” would not have any features, the Atlanta native could not go without having the legendary group on his 6th studio album. “Recently we met up in Fort Lauderdale Florida for a business deal and I ended up putting them on a song and shooting a video for it,” explained Aktual. “I don’t really consider them a feature. It’s more like family.”

Aktual an extradentary producer in his own right, allowed others to produce for his new project inspired by his hood in East Atlanta, Zone 6. Producers such as Boss Devito, who was introduced to Aktual by the Outlawz, contributed to various singles off “Tape 6”.

Aktual Features Outlawz On "Tape 6" Intro [Listen Here]
Aktual and E.D.I. Mean

“Me and Boss have been working together ever since we were introduced to each other by the Outlawz around 2014. We’ve probably cut over 10 records since then but not all the songs have been release yet,” Aktual tells O4L Online back in August. “Boss is from Detroit so he’s got a very fresh new sound that seems to be getting popular along with the new Hip Hop wave that’s been poppin off in the D and I needed that in order for this album to have a universal sound that’s different from most Atlanta artists.”

Joining Boss Devito is The Mekanix, King Meezy, Kontraband Beatz, and Sam Conturo to a name a few.

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