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Akon Trends As Video Of Throwing Fan Off Stage Resurfaced

Its not throw back Thursday. Nor is it flash back Friday but on Saturday afternoon, a video of Akon throwing a fan off stage is going viral. Again.

Back on June 3rd of 2017 during a concert held in upstate New York, Akon surprisingly asked security to bring a fan on stage. That fan in attendance was a 15-year old Anthony C. Smith who apparently threw an object at the artist.

“Who was that over there. Ya’ll saw that?”, Akon asked the crowd on hand. After asking security to bring the teen on stage, he was quickly thrown off stage by Akon.


In the video Akon lifts the teen on his back similar to WWE superstar John Cena‘s “Attitude Adjustment” finisher. “Now we can start the show. Ya’ll with me!,” Akon yells to the crowd as those in attendance erupt with cheers.

A year later Akon plead guilty after being charged with second-degree harassment and endangering the welfare of a minor. The result was a $350 fine and 65 hours of community service which was required to be completed before June of 2009.


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