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Akon Suggests Tekashi’s “Homies” Should Have Taken The L

Appearing on Instagram Live with DJ Whoo Kid, when discussing Tekashi 6ix9ine, Akon came to the rapper’s defense.

Explaining himself as to why he continues to defend Tekashi, Akon strongly believes 6ix9ine did not know what he was getting himself in to.

“Here’s the thing, he’s young bro…He had to literally decide, ‘What’s more valuable to me? My family or my future,'” said Akon to DJ Whoo Kid. “You have to make a decision that’s going to better you.”

Using the analogy of a football, Akon believes Tekashi’s “homies” should have not allowed the rapper to be in that position. “Homies should have took that for him,” Akon explained, “He’s the football, you always protect the football.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine was released from prison on April 2nd, and was ordered to finish the remainder of his sentence at home. Tekashi would have to follow certain guidelines which consisted of wearing a GPS monitor for the first four months.

In the event that the GPS goes down or malfunctions, Tekashi will have to immediately video call with his probation officer daily until the GPS monitor is up and running again.

Part of the agreement for 6ix9ine’s early release, he can not leave his home unless it s for necessary medical treatment or to visit his legal counsel. All which has to be approved by the probation department.


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