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Akademiks Blasts And Fact Checks Ebro Via Twitch Live Stream

Akademiks isn’t biting his tongue as he goes all out on Ebro during a live stream via Twitch, after Ebro calling him a “talentless hack”.

This past Saturday (December 12) Akademiks joined Clubhouse where he and Meek Mill got into a heated conversation mediated by 21 Savage. When speaking of the exchange that occurred on Clubhouse, Ebro of Hot 97 had nothing positive to say about Akademiks, which prompted Ak to respond.

Meek Mill known to not be a fan of Akademiks and has gone to say that the internet personality doesn’t contribute to anything positive to the culture, isn’t the only one that would agree.


“Here’s the thing about Akademiks, nobody ever sees him. He don’t go out,” Ebro said on Hot 97 Tuesday morning (December 15). “He’s scared of everybody. So nobody will actually ever step to him, so he would never be held accountable.”

Ak wasn’t haven’t it. “The Ebros and the Rosenbergs hate my position in the culture,” said Ak via Twitch. “Ebro used to be the person you went to for relevance in hip-hop. That stopped being the case. Remember when he used to go on rants like ‘you minor league?” and determined music that was seen and heard at the biggest levels? Radio is irrelevant. Now I do know he has an important position at Apple Music. But truth be told and to let him know, that shit is coming through the internet. He doesn’t have that hold on media anymore, and I think he resents me for that.”

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Akademiks also claims he was making millions of dollars yearly before he even signed to Complex and owns his brand, unlike Ebro who Ak says works for Hot 97. “You work at Hot 97, you not pulling no half-a-million a year.”

Watch the full live stream below.


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