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Ajani’s “Speak My Peace” Cash And Prize Giveaway

Up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Ajani is ready to premiere the music video for “Speak My Peace”, on the 49th birthday of Tupac Shakur.

No this isn’t a cheap attempt to capitalize on the attention that comes with Tupac’s name, Ajani grew up idolizing and studying Shakur. Thanks to his mother, a fan of Tupac, who believed if you live in her home, then you must know who Tupac is.

Paying homage to Tupac with his “Speak My Peace” music video, Ajani is conducting a cash and prize giveaway for the premiere.

“I hope y’all tune in today at 1pm CST for the premiere. I’m releasing this video in honor of, & in celebration of the late great Tupac Shakur on his 49th birthday! There will be a $100 cash & special gift giveaway to the first person who can tell me all of the #tupac references from the video,” Ajani said via his Instagram account.

As stated above, first place winner will receive $100 cash and a special gift as part of the giveaway. Second and third place winners will receive $50 and the 3rd place winner will receive a signed copy of his children book ‘Ballardine‘. Winners will receive their cash prize via Cashapp.

Here are the rules to qualify to win the prizes:

  1. Click on the visit Ajani’s official YouTube channel by clicking here and subscribe as you watch the ‘Speak My Peace’ music video as it premieres at 1 p.m. CST on June 16.
  2. DM Ajani @ajani_carr with the list of 2pac references that you saw in the video. You must name all the references from each clip, even down to the clothing.
  3. Share/Repost my Instagram or other social media post of the video with the hashtags #SpeakMyPeace, and #Ajani. No other hashtags.

Join Ajani live at 11:45 a.m. CST and 7 p.m CST on his official Instagram account @ajani_carr.


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