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Ajani Drops “Pain” YJBmix Inspired By Tupac Shakur

After releasing ‘Speak My Peace’ inspired by Tupac, Ajani drops his latest single ‘Pain’ on the 24-year anniversary of Shakur’s passing.

The multi-talented artist, who also has a bright acting career ahead, continues to deliver meaningful music at the young age of 17. Influenced by one of Hip Hop’s most iconic figure, Ajani wouldn’t have it no other way but to exhibit the admiration through his music.

“I always watched basically all of Tupac’s movies and Above The Rim — that’s just a favorite in the black community. The song Pain is one my favorite songs period, not just by Tupac but just one of my favorite songs,” Ajani said during his interview with the Heart of an Outlaw show.

Released in 1994, ‘Pain’ by Tupac Shakur appeared on The Above Rim movie soundtrack, a movie in which Tupac also had the lead role with his character Birdie. This was also Shakur’s first business deal with Death Row records prior to signing with the label in 1995.

“A lot of his music became what I listen to everyday and what got me through the day, everyday,” Ajani explained.

“They’ll never take my alive
I still thrive even in my demise
I still rise through this poetry that I leave behind
Ain’t no folding me, I got to strong of a mind
My light is bright, it’s even too strong for the blind
Sometimes I feel like I can’t even breathe
Where I’m from you can even grieve,” Ajani kicks off his first verse on ‘Pain’.


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