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After Rejecting Busta Rhymes, T.I. Has A New Challenger

Season 2 of the Verzuz battle is upon us, and it appears that a head-to-head matchup will consist of two Hip Hop artist. It just won’t be Busta Rhymes and T.I. as the New York rapper had hoped for.

Busta appeared on The Fat Joe Show on Tuesday night (October 20), where he challenged the King of the South to a Verzuz battle. A day later and T.I. via his Instagram Live turned down the offer although the two artist have a very close relationship. (View: Busta Rhymes Is Ready To Rep For NY, Calls Out T.I.)

“Busta Rhymes is one of the most phenomenal talents of our time, man,” T.I. explained via IG Live. “Muthaf—-’s catalog is thick. Catalog is thick! It just ain’t the same. I can’t go back right now and play goddamn Pop Warner football … we can’t reach back there. Might as well call out Melle Mel … [it would be like] Brandy against Dionne Warwick.”

After Rejecting Busta Rhymes, T.I. Has A New Challenger
T.I. (Jason Merritt/BET/Getty Images for BET)

Since its creation, the Verzuz platform has been a positive one which has given artists a boost in streaming and opportunities have risen because of the “Verzuz Affect”. But that is always enough to lure some of the best of all time. 50 Cent for example was challenged by T.I. and declined the offer despite a consistent attempt by the King of the South.

Now T.I. once again finds himself with a challenger, or does he? Interestingly enough, Hip Hop artist Young Jeezy when on Instagram and captioned his video post with, “Put a date on it.”

In the video, Jeezy is heard saying, “Say bruh, you done been around the whole world on your campaign, you know?” Jeezy started off. “Now you back here. I don’t know what you avoiding me for. I’ll tell you what, though – since it mean that much to you, put a date on it! I ain’t gon’ meet you there, I’ma beat you there. Straight up. Big Snow!”

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Jeezy did not mention any names, but many feel he is speaking of T.I., and so does he. Replying in the comments section T.I. wrote, “Hmmm could this ling time constituent of mine be referring to me??? @jeezy.”

We shall wait and see.


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