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Afeni Shakur Day, Lumberton Honors Tupac’s Mother

May 28th 2016, city leaders of Lumberton North Carolina proclaimed Afeni Shakur day in celebration of her life. Afeni Shakur was born in Lumberton in 1947 and left as a young girl. Afeni would then return to the hometown 15 years ago.

News channel WBTW interviewed some of Afeni’s family members who were in attendance, celebrating Afeni Shakur Day. Afeni’s cousin Roneld McKee recalls when Tupac would spend time over at his home, “When he was staying in New York he use to always come to my house during the summer and spend it with me and my wife.” When talking about Afeni McKee referred to Afeni as generous, “I would always call her Faye all the time. But Faye was a generous lady.”

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A generous lady indeed. Afeni would purchase land and turned into a farm where she would grow organize vegetables. Afeni would then donate those vegetables to the school system in Lumberton. “Her farm was an area she lived in as a child growing up here in Robeson County and when she had the opportunity she actually bought the area and turned it into a farm,” explains Roderick Afeni’s cousin.

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