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Hip Hop Artist @roll_sumthin

Music Artist

Do you have a single, music video, mixtape, record label, merchandise, and/or album that you would like to advertise?

Ad space opportunities are available for all artists in any genre which include but not limited to Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Alternative Rock, R&B.


Strong presence on Google!

Advertise with us at O4L Online Network
HUSH via


How would you like to advertise your product?

We can help by placing your ad where it matters the most. Whether you want to advertise a book, apparel, art, etc.

Various ad space is available for specific sections on the site. This will ensure you target a specific audience for your product. You may also purchase ad space where it can be viewed throughout the entire site!


No hidden fees. One flat rate for all!

Advertise with us at O4L Online Network
Clothing Company DRMR$ Elite


Advertise your online store and/or physical store. Whether you are starting you’re own online business or you are a well established business, advertising opportunities are available.

We have ad space available that can accommodate your goals.


Our content reaches over 100 countries!


Do you have a social media platform and/or YouTube channel you want to promote?

Advertisement space can be purchased to advertise your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube channel, etc.

When someone clicks your ad it will direct them to the social media platform and/or YouTube channel in which you want to promote!


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Top Stories

How would you like to trend with us?

Imagine your ad on an article that is featured in Google’s Top Stories!

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you have any questions about our advertisement services and/or have something you would like to advertise that is not listed above, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

Need artwork for your ad? We can help. Our partnership with Vegas Media Designs can help you find the perfect artwork for your advertisement.

Logo design, web site creations, video editing, and more is also available via Vegas Media Designs. More info can be found via their official web site at

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