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Adult Film Star Angel Kelly’s Full Interview Talking Tupac Is Released!

Previously YouTube channel The Art Of Dialogue released 34-minute interview with Angel Kelly as she detailed the after party which occurred after Tupac Shakur’s ‘How Do U Want It‘ music video shoot. (View explicit version here).

Angel Kelly along with many other females were on set for the video shoot, but according to Kelly only a select few were invited to the after party. Kelly, Heather Hunter, and Nina Hartley were among the select few.

Tupac Shakur

The full interview with the former adult star is now available as the one hour plus audio has Angel Kelly speaking about the icon Tupac Shakur. “Pac was a great lover,” Kelly said. “Kelly would also confirm and denounce rumors that Shakur was missing a t******* after being shot in 1994 at Quad Studios in New York. “He was all together. There was nothing missing. Everything was there.”


Kelly also go on to recall a time Tupac watching the movie The Outsiders as he laid in deep thought, where he would ultimately ordered tuna fish sandwiches.

“There was this time when everyone is partying and drinking,” Kelly explained. “All of a sudden I realize Pac wasn’t around. It was a suite, like a pent-house like suite, so it was different rooms. I realized he wasn’t there so I went into a room where the door was shut and there he was on the bed. He was just casually lying on his stomach and he was watching TV.”

During his final year Shakur had tons of success but with that came stress. Now with his new label Death Row records, in the middle of his beef with Biggie Smalls, filming movies, recording tons of music, and awaiting trail in the fall of 1996.

“He really looked like he was in deep thought about some stuff. I knew I there was a lot going on with him and there was a lot of things he had to think about,” Kelly said.

Listen to the full interview below.


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