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Actor Gives Update On “2Pac The Great Escape From UMC” Movie

Actor and Tupac tribute artist, Richard Garcia, recently spoke with the “Heart of an Outlaw Show” where he gave an exclusive update on the movie “2Pac The Great Escape From UMC”.

Back in February of 2020, director Rick Boss announced via KTNV of Las Vegas, a new movie that would give fans an alternate ending to a Tupac movie that has never been done before. According to Boss, Tupac is alive, “This movie is about Tupac actually escaping from University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico. Getting protection from the Navajo tribe,” Boss told KTNV of Las Vegas in a segment after the 2020 Oscars. (View more information about 2Pac The Great Escape From UMC)

The movie was in production and was expected to release in 2021, but that was until the pandemic hit. According to actor Richard Garcia who portrays Shakur in the movie, there were other factors as well in which delayed the movie’s production.

Actor Gives Update On “2Pac The Great Escape From UMC” Movie
Tupac in Vas Vegas September 1996

“We filmed a little bit and it started picking up momentum. Then he started his posters. He started really pushing hard,” explained Richard Garcia on the Hear of an Outlaw Show. “But, then the family got upset and a lot of my friends they got upset over it. I don’t wanna hurt either one.”

Richard Garcia does not believe Shakur is alive, but is keeping an open mind for the film where director Rick Boss has his own theories. Theories that Boss says are facts. “You can write a fiction. You can write a fiction story but this is not a fiction. This is facts through certain people I know,” Boss said back in February to KTNV News 13.

Whether or not the movie will continue after pandemic restrictions are lifted, Garcia and Boss continue to debate whether Shakur is dead or alive. “He is admittedly stuck that he [Tupac] is alive. That his story is the truth. Me and him have arguments,” Garcia says jokingly on Heart of an Outlaw Show. “Its like two fans arguing but we both have love, so we wanna make the project happen.”


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