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Ace Hood Feels It Is His Duty To Release “MR.HOOD” ASAP!

Hip Hop artist Ace Hood is looking to drop his latest project “MR.HOOD” on March 27 despite his team urging him not to.

Ace Hood dropped the official music video for his new single “Confident” on Friday (March 13). Distributed through Hood Nation via the label EMPIRE, Ace Hood is being advised not to release his new project now, but instead wait till the end of April 2020.

Respecting his team’s input, Ace Hood sees otherwise, feeling as it is his duty to provide what people need during these difficult times. “Apart of me feels like this what the people need in this time of confusion and restriction,” said Ace Hood via his official Instagram account.

Ace Hood Feels It Is His Duty To Release "MR.HOOD" ASAP!

“My intention behind this project is about me recognizing my internal power and elevating myself and others along the way. Maybe even inspire someone! This is more so about the fans the people and less about the industry and systems we rely on so much to broadcast our music,” added the talented artist.

The world is currently facing the coronavirus, which has kept many “sheltered” in their homes, breaking them apart from daily routines.

“As an independent artist I feel transparency is key. The project was slated to drop on the 27th of March and I hate not honoring dates. But things are changing more each day due to the Rona pandemic,” explains Ace Hood.

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Filled with many questions on whether or not to release the project on March 27, Ace Hood may just go with his gut. Taking a chance that may or may not pay off. “What if no one listens? What if timing is bad? What if timing is perfect? I’m aware that the industry and most publications are shutting down. These are constant questions and thoughts that’s been on my mind.”

Currently MN2S the music and talent agency who represents Ace Hood for booking is available for contact and serious inquires can be submitted here.


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