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Founder of the O4L Online Network and Vegas Media Designs. Vegas also contributes to various news articles for All Eyez On Tupac, Tech24 and for shows featured on the O4L Online Network such as Tha Hub, Elite Wrestle Talk and The Dinner Club.

Vegas has created artwork for various projects such as Outlawz #LastOnezLeft, EDIDON The Hope Dealer Part 1 & 2, Deladiea 100 Dayz 100 Nightz and 96 Featuring EDIDON & Young Noble to name a few.

Aside from the artwork for album, mixtapes, single covers, Vegas also creates promotional work such as flyers/ads and videos for The Dinner Club and Seize The Moment Podcast.

Vegas also created and manages the Outlaw University and the official Hussein Fatal web site.

andyo4l about the author

Andrew Moffatt (AndyO4L)

AndyO4L is a writer for O4L Online Network. Based in Warrington, England. Andy covers UK Hip Hop, Tupac for All Eyez On Tupac and Outlawz for Outlaw Nation.

Preserving Tupac Shakur’s legacy & what he stood for is a big passion of his. This passion led to his installments of Heart Of An Outlaw and Tupac Art Inspiration.

Andy has interviewed a number people for the site, including exclusives with Ronald ‘Riskie’ Brent, Angie Thomas & Fabrice Henssens.

leon garber about the author

Leon Garber

Leon Garber is a philosophical writer, Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist and manages a blog exploring issues of death, self-esteem, love, freedom, life-meaning, and mental health/mental illness, from both empirical and personal viewpoints.

Leon’s blog, Leon’s Existential Cafe is featured on O4L Online Network and can also be found on his official blog web site. The blog explores, and helps others navigate through, issues which are pertinent to all human beings, from death to self-esteem. Ideas are medicine!

Leon is a co-host of the Seize The Moment Podcast. The podcast teaches its listeners how to grow and live more active and fulfilling lives. We discuss topics from psychology, personal development, neuroscience, and philosophy.

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