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Andrew Moffatt

Andy is from the North West of England. Andy has interviewed many talented artists for our ‘Tupac Art Inspiration’ section of the site. He has also conducted interviews with Angie Thomas, Riskie, Richard Garcia and Fabrice Henssens.

Aside from interviews, Andy is an author for Tupac News, Outlaw Nation and Hip Hop UK.

Andy was profoundly influenced by Tupac and the Outlawz, stating: “I’m honored to be contributing to the O4L movement & keeping the legacy of Tupac Shakur alive”

Leon Garber

Leon Garber is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist with specialties in Existential Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Leon co-hosts Seize The Moment Podcast with Alen Ulman, a weekly show which teaches its listeners how to live more active and fulfilling lives through psychological and emotional growth. They discuss practically beneficial ideas from the fields of psychology, personal development, neuroscience, and philosophy.

Leon’s Existential Cafe is an exclusive section to the O4L Online Network, but also can be found via Leon’s blog’s official web site.


Vegas has written for various articles for O4L Online Network which includes transcripts of his interviews with Deleadiea, Deuce Deuce, and EDIDON.

He’s contributed to all aspects of the O4L Online Network, such as Tech24, Tha Hub and All Eyez On Tupac. Vegas has also been involved in various projects, including album covers, videos, clothing for the Outlawz, and web sites like: Husseinfatal.net and Outlawuniversity.net.

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