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96 EDIDON Feat Young Noble Prod By L.T. Hutton [Listen]

Updated 9/5/19
The song played during the last scene in Vegas of the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me, is available as a single. The song is available on Hard Copy Deluxe Edition of The Hope Dealer Part 2.

96, played during the scene Demitrius Shipp Jr (Tupac) and Dominic Santana (Suge Knight) head to club 662. At this point Tupac (Demitrius Shipp Jr) plays a song which has EDI rapping, “O-U-T-L-A-W-Z yeah we running the streets from the west to the east.”

96 produced by L.T. Hutton features Young Noble and was available only on the hard copy edition of The Hope Dealer, Pt 2 EDIDON’s second studio album. The special Deluxe Edition of the album is autographed by the hope dealer himself. Along with the autographed copy, the Deluxe Edition features 3 unreleased songs. Purchase THD 2 Deluxe Edition

EDI via his official Instagram posted the single cover with the following caption: #TBT The demand for this song has been real lol We never planned on droppin it as a single. Literally was just for @alleyezmovie Originally The scene it plays in had another song in it, Initiated. We wanted to honor @fatalvelliso his verse was playing. But legal issues prevented it, so thank @lthutton for givin the 👍🏿 on it! Dropping soon. @young_noble.

First 14 songs of the hard copy remain the same as the digital version. Track 15 is titled ’96’. Track number 16 titled ‘Hold Me Down’ features EZ and Noah, with production by Beatfella. ‘No More Tears’ track 17, will feature Mistah F.A.B, Thug Angles and NefuLarock. No More Tears is produced by EDI himself.

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THD2 Deluxe Edition Front & Back Cover

Front and back covers are different than the digital version. Designed by Vegas Media Designs, the Deluxe Edition front cover will have EDI’s autograph.


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