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6ix9ine Says Charlamagne Has Some Explaining To Do, Suggests Blistex

Up next on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “naughty list” is co-host of the popular morning show The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne, but what does Blistex have anything to do with it?

Saturday afternoon (May 23), Tekashi 6ix9ine via his Instagram account, posted a clip from 2018, where Charlamagne made a shocking bold statement.

On an episode of ‘Brilliant Idiots’, which is co-hosted by Charlamagne, CThaGod would on to say, “If Tekashi 6ix9ine beats this case, I’ll suck his d***. He don’t even have to ask me.”


Charlamagne was echoing the words of Tekashi who often would say, “Suck my d***” to those he was in opposition with. Fast foward to 2020, and Tekashi in some ways did beat the case, although he did do time behind bars.

Back on April 2nd Judge Paul Engelmeyer had full authority to release Tekashi out of jail. 6ix9ine was ordered to serve the remainder of his two year sentence at home.

Now Tekashi would like an explanation from Charlamagne and suggested the host put on some Blistex first.


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