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6ix9ine Instagram On “Pause” As House Arrest Is Coming To An End

As reported by TMZ, the official 6ix9ine Instagram account is currently on “pause”, as per the request of Tekashi’s lawyers and Federal authorities.

Fans of Tekashi saw his Instagram account completely post-less and now as of Tuesday night (June 14), the account completely removed. According to reports, 6ix9ine’s absence from social media will last until August 1st. This is when Tekashi’s house arrest will come to an end.

During the first four months of house arrest, Tekashi was ordered not to leave his home. Only necessary medical treatment or to visit his legal counsel were allowed. And even then Tekashi needed approval from the probation department.

In the meantime, Telashi and his team are organizing his next move. A move that will not include leaving his hometown of New York. Tekashi is refusing to take advice from his inner circle who suggest he should relocate.

Tekashi who has released three top YouTube streaming music videos in ‘GOOBA‘, ‘Trollz‘, and ‘YAYA’; is prepared to invest some of those earnings towards his safety. It is rumored he will have 22 armed guards and five bulletproof SUV’s.

So, the countdown begins as August 1st nears, and 6ix9ine Instagram account goes live again. Until then, 6ix9ine’s attorney Lance Lazzaro tells TMZ that the FEDS will continue to advise and monitor Tekashi, as well as drug test the controversial rapper.


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