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6ix9ine Birthday Celebration, Drops ‘GOOBA’, New Music Video

Tekashi 6ix9ine birthday celebration took place on Instagram Live, dropping his new single ‘GOOBA’ plus music video, as the controversial artist turns twenty-four years old.

Taking full advantage of the permission granted by a Judge, 6ix9ine released his comeback single after being released from prison.

In anticipation of the new single, 6ix9ine had an enormous billboard in Times Sqaure which included a photo of 6ix9ine and the words ‘The King Is Back’. The video billboard also announced the single would drop on FRiday May 8th.


Judge Paul Engelmeyer on April 2nd had full authority to release Tekashi out of jail.

Tekashi is now serving the remainder of his two year sentence at home. For the first four months, Tekashi will be wearing a GPS monitor. In the event that the GPS goes down or malfunctions, Tekashi will have to immediately video call with his probation officer daily until the GPS monitor is up and running again.

Part of the agreement for 6ix9ine’s early release, he can not leave his home unless it s for necessary medical treatment or to visit his legal counsel. All which has to be approved by the probation department.


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