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50 Cent Wants Roddy Ricch, Chris Brown On Pop Smoke’s Album

Hip Hop artist and executive producer of the TV series “For Life”, 50 Cent, is adding more to his busy schedule.

Recently 50 Cent suggested he should be next in line to become Def Jam’s new CEO, after Paul Rosenberg step down after two years on the job. 50 would go on tweet, “I have decided to take the Job at Def Jam. somebody gotta do it, who better then me.”

While 50 Cent becoming the new CEO of Def Jam remains to be seen, the Queens native has his eyes set on another project. The admiration between 50 Cent and the late Pop Smoke is quiet evident, before and after Pop Smoke’s tragic death.

50 Cent Wants Roddy Ricch, Chris Brown On Pop Smoke's Album

Now 50 Cent looks to take on a posthumous album for Pop Smoke that would feature Roddy Ricch and Chris Brown.

“I’m on the move listening to Pop smoke, I decided I’m gonna executive produce and finish his album for him,” 50 wrote on Instagram.

His post would receive the approval of Steven Victor, CEO of Victor Victor Worldwide, where Pop Smoke was signed. Victor would respond with a heart and 100 emoji.

Tweeting on Sunday (March 1), 50 Cent is looking for Roddy Ricch, “Tell @RoddyRicch i’m looking for him, i need him on Pop album.”

Roddy Ricch currently has the number one song in the country for “The Box“, which organically topped the charts, forcing the Compton star to release a music video.

But, wait there’s more. Although confused about Chris Brown’s hair color choices, 50 Cent can’t deny his talent, and would also like to have Chris on the album.

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Posting a photo of Chris Brown on his official Instagram account early Monday morning (March 2), with the caption, “Yo n**** im a need you on this record, but what da f*** you do to your hair blood. LOL”


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