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50 Cent Goes At Young Buck On Instagram Post

50 Cent marked his return to Instagram with a taunting post about former G Unit member Young Buck.

At the height of G Unit’s reign, the two rappers were close, touring the world and selling out arenas. But all that is in the past, with the pair now having no business connections with each other. The barrage of trolling posts aimed at Young Buck stem from an interview surfaced with him allegedly talking to a woman about an article saying he had sex with a trans woman.

50 Cent & Young Buck in 2003

After a week off Instagram, the entertainment entrepreneur returned to one of his favorite things to do, trolling people. Within minutes of reactivating his Instagram account, Fifty posted about his former band mate. “Buck type shit, nah he know,” suggesting that the woman in the picture is trans.


The post, which has tallied more than 270,000 likes, has been criticized by the LGBT+ community. Fifty’s post coincided with Transgender Day of Remembrance when trans folk and allies across the world pay respects to gender-diverse lives lost that year.

50 Cent Temporarily Removes Himself From Instagram

Speculation around 50 Cent’s disappearance from Instagram was the talk of the internet last week. Some said that Instagram deleted 50’s account, where in fact it was 50 Cent himself deactivated it. He turned to his twitter account to swipe back at the people who thought his Instagram account was forcibly shut down.

“LOL I’m cool with all these false reports, if you don’t know why something happens you can’t just make some shit up smh I turned my own IG page off SUCKERS. #LeCheminDuRoi #bransoncognac.”

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Even Young Buck himself poked fun at 50 thinking that his Instagram account was forced down. On his own Instagram, Young Buck posted “TheImpeachment SOUNDTRACK DROPPING SOON @50cent 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥….If Only You Could Respond…”


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