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Yukmouth Talks Dexter Isaac Comments About 2pac, Stretch

Yukmouth has taken to social media to add his reaction to the story that came out earlier on this week of Big Stretch being involved in setting Tupac up in the 94′ Quad Studio shooting.

The veteran Oakland rapper talks about the Gully TV interview with Dexter Isaac where he reveals that Tupac’s once close friend, Stretch, was feeding back “play by play” information where they was at to Jimmy Henchman in return for cocaine.

In the online video posted yesterday, Yukmouth suggests that ‘Pac might of said no to Stretch about something, that made Stretch turn on him. He said “You’ve got to watch *****, period. The ***** that you think is the hardest & the most down. The first time you say no to that *****. They going start plotting on you. So ‘Pac must of told the ***** no on something, probably wanting to be in ‘above the rim’ as an extra & ‘Pac was like “nah ***** I’ve got this” I don’t know, but he said no”

The Luniz member went onto say that the story that has come out about Stretch being in on the plan seems real, authentic and correct. He also referenced Tupac’s lyrics from ‘Against All Odds’ adding “What did ‘Pac say? “I guess his new friends wanted him dead” he was talking about Stretch, he was talking about Jimmy. Why would ‘Pac put Stretch in a rhyme if he didn’t set him up. ‘Pac knew he set him up. ‘Pac told the story, go listen to the realest ishh I ever wrote, Against All Odds”

Watch Yukmouth talking about Tupac, Stretch and the 94′ Quad Studio incident below.


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