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2pac Drawing To Desiree Smith Now Up For Auction

How Much Will You Pay For A 2pac Drawing?

This isn’t another installment of our exclusive Tupac Art Inpsiration (Click here for the series), but instead it’s art by 2pac himself! This particular drawing was created by 2pac while he was incarnated at Clinton correctional Facility in Dennamora, NY in 1995.

The drawing shows 2pac on a couch with his girlfriend at the time, Desiree Smith, in a sexual position. The artwork also has a message from 2pac stating “missing you deeply” and “forever with love”.

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The drawing became available for auction on Monday, December 24, 2018 through Steiner Auctions. Part of the auction is the actually drawing, envelope and card that were all created by 2pac. All of which can seen below. The auction can be seen here through their official web site.

2pac sex drawing
Stenier Auctions
tupac sex drawing
Stenier Auctions

View the full auctioned 2pac drawing here via Stenier Auctions.

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