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2pac And Faith Evans Found In The “Red Room” Says Reggie Wright Jr.

Reggie Wright Jr. interview with Cam Capone News part 5 touches on 2pac and Faith Evans, Suge Knight and Puff Daddy.

Besides the fact Suge Knight was with Puff Daddy’s baby mother, Reggie discusses the Faith Evans and 2pac situation. Over the years many have wonder the truth about the Faith Evans and 2pac interactions. One thing was for sure, Faith was indeed in the studio with Tupac and recorded the song Wonder Why They all You B****. Other then that, many wonder how much of what Tupac said on Hit Em Up was true. Claiming that he had sex with Faith was true.

Platinum-selling producer Delray Richardson, gave new insight on the matter where he fact checks Faith Evans claims she made in her book about Tupac. According to Delray things just don’t add up right. Especially that he had seen Tupac talking to Faith Evans outside the studio and even in a club. (Watch As Delray Claims Faith Evans Is A Liar About When She Really Met Tupac)

To further enhance this topic, Reggie Wright Jr. recalls his own experience. “They were sitting in a little, we call it a red room. It’s like a little private room, no bigger than a bathroom. They had a little couch in there. That’s where brothers went to either womp on somebody or mainly to go and hook up with a chick. And He was sitting in that room. For some reason I was going in to that room. Or checking around, doing studio checks and all. And they were in there and he was pushing at that time her head down towards his (private part). That’s all I saw,” says Reggie Wright Jr.


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