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17-Year-Old Cari Champion Met Tupac At His BBQ!

ESPN’s SportsCenter anchor Cari Champion went on live on The Fat Joe Show where she spoke about meeting and hanging out with Tupac Shakur.

The Los Angeles native created her own “Joprah Moment” when she revealed meeting Tupac at the age of 17-years-old. “I got a Tupac story for your a– and you didn’t ask for it, but you is about to get it,” said Cari Champion.

Fat Joe never one to shy away from a “Joprah Moment” was all ears. One particular night in Beverly Hills, Cari and a few of her friends headed to the hottest spot in that area, where apparently a BBQ was being held by Tupac Shakur. “It was this Beverly Hills joint that everybody use to hang out at night. You would just go there at night. It was like a Black Happy Days,” Cari explained.

17-Year-Old Cari Champion Met Tupac At His BBQ!

Cardi was ready to experience the spot first hand, but the only problem was she was only 17-years-old. With a fake I.D. in hand, Cari ran into Tupac as she walked in. Asking Pac if she and her friends can attend the BBQ, Shakur said yes and the two exchanged beeper numbers.

The next day Shakur sent a message to Cari on her beeper. After speaking with Tupac on the phone, 20 minutes later he arrived at Cari’s homegirls home. “When I tell you Tupac came 20 minutes later, hung out with me and my homegirls, he ended being the nicest dude. We was all nervous cause we was like it might be some crazyness that’s gonna go down.”

“He sat down with us and talked about music,” Cardi tells Fat Joe. Tupac would also give advice to Cari’s homegirl who was interested in getting into the music industry.

Cari would also share her top 5 rappers list with Fat Joe. A list that consisted of Tupac, Snoop, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, and Biggie Smalls.


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