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10K Cash Reward For Bow Wow’s Stolen Motorcycle

Bow Wow is issuing a $10,000 reward for anyone who helps him find the thieves who stole his motorcycle. In fact, Bow Wow isn’t looking to press charges, he is just simply asking for the thieves to return his motorcycle.

Late Tuesday night (June 30), Bow Wow was making his way out of his home and realized his motorcycle was no longer parked outside his home. Immediately checking surveillance video, Bow Wow sees two tattooed white men taking off on his motorcycle.

In hopes of using social media to his advantage to find the thieves, Bow Wow posted a video explaining the situation. “I know y’all didn’t know that was my sh-t, now y’all do. It’s a problem. Listen, we can do this two ways, alright,” Bow Wow says in the IG video trying to keep his composure. “Either ya’ll can return my sh-t, and I’ll call a spade a spade. But, if I gotta find ya’ll, to take time out of my business schedule, to get my sh-t back, which I will.”

Bow Wow is pretty confident someone on the internet will “snitched” on the two thieves. To help with the investigation, the multi-talented Atlanta native has also released photos via Twitter from the surveillance camera.

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